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Here is how to get signed up with ned and on your way to collecting free data.

First, download the app from the Apple AppStore or Google Playstore. Load the app on your smartphone and open up ned.

The account set up screen includes information required for us to set up your ned account. Please note that the cellphone number that you enter will be your login to ned. We will send a confirmation code to that number to conclude the setup of your account.

Once you have filled in the form simply press “Create Account” and you will be sent to the confirmation page where you must enter the confirmation code to complete setup. The confirmation code will be sent to your cellphone number.

Once this is completed, press OK and you’ll be ready to collect nedCredits!

Before you redeem nedCredits to your cellphone account you will have to complete the cell plan information form that describes your cell number, carrier, type of plan (pre-paid or contract) and the cell account that will receive your credit.

Claiming a nedCredit is super easy!

When you visit a business or site that offers a nedReward you’ll receive a one-time use QR code. This is where your nedCredit is stored.

The first stop is the ned dashboard – you can always go there by selecting “home” from the drop-down menu or just tap ned at the top right of every screen.

Open the ned app on your phone and from the dashboard select “Claim nedReward”. A camera window will open and you simply aim the camera at the code. The app will tell you that the code is claimed.

If there is any issue with the camera or scanning you can manually enter the 10 digit single-use number appearing on the code sheet.

After you’ve entered your code – your nedCredit count will increase instantly on your home screen and will appear in the “Account History” section as well

The first stop is the ned dashboard – you can always go there by selecting “home” from the drop-down menu or just touch ned at the top right of every screen.

On the dashboard, you will see your current balance of nedCredits in your ned account. Below that, there’s a “Redeem nedCredits” button.

This will open the “Redeem your nedCredits” screen.

Enter the number of nedCredits you want to redeem. Press redeem nedCredits, and you will receive notice that you have redeemed nedCredits which will be deposited directly to your cellphone plan account.

Please note that while the transfer usually takes 1-2 business days.

You will be able to see the successful transfer on your next wireless bill or in many cases in your online account information from your carrier.

If the credit transfer wasn’t successful, or is taking longer than usual, please contact our service department. It’s our job to make sure you receive the nedCredits you’ve earned, and we’ll make sure you get your nedCredit.

Note: Before you can claim any nedCredits, you need to provide us with your cellular carrier as well as your cellular account number.

As you more and more nedCredits, you may want to share some with your friends or family.

Ned makes transferring nedCredits a breeze.

If you’d like to transfer nedCredits, go to the dashboard and select the “Transfer nedCredit” button. This will take you to the “Transfer nedCredits” page.

Let’s say you wanted to send 10 credits to your sister for her birthday. (Aren’t you thoughtful!)

All you need to do is enter the amount of nedCredits you’d like to send – then enter your sister’s phone number (make sure she’s a nedder too!) – et VOILA! The nedCredits are transferred.

Your account is updated, and so is hers.

Ned makes it easy to share, so share away!

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