ned is a revolutionary rewards program powered by a smartphone app that drives new customers to your business by providing them the opportunity to reduce their cellphone bill.

ned is a cost-effective, conversion driven, advertising platform that drives high quality, valuable customers to your business.

Your customer uses the ned app to find businesses like yours that are offering bill credits as a reward. You use ned to advertise a promotion such as the launch of a new product, an event, or a sale and ned provides an incentive for customers to visit your store to make a purchase.

ned not only promotes your business to our users, it also creates a powerful incentive for them to visit your store!

ned will apply the ned bill credit to their cellphone account on your behalf.
Unlike other forms of advertising, ned only charges you for successful conversions. You will only ever be charged for the ned bill credits redeemed in your store. Don’t waste your marketing dollars trying to get a new customer, use ned and get a guaranteed customer.

It’s just that simple!

The cost of a smartphone bill is something that most everyone has to pay. For most people, especially Millennials, this is the last thing they would ever think about turning off. That is what makes ned so valuable, finally there is a rewards program for something that everybody wants!

ned helps your business by giving you a low cost, low risk, effective and powerful incentive to drive customers to your store!

It is a fact of marketing that the money you spend is never guaranteed to bring new customers to your store. As a nedPartner, you only pay if ned does its job for you! nedPartners only pay for ned bill credits that are redeemed by ned Users that have participated in your promotion.

Every new customer that walks through your door has the potential to be a lifelong customer. How much are you willing to spend to get a new customer? ned turns this question on its head by drastically lowering the cost of acquiring a new customer, while also guaranteeing a new customer.

As a nedPartner, your organization will be advertised to every nedder in your community. ned shows every nedder your business on an interactive map that will highlight your promotion and where to find you.

The better your offer is, the better chance you will have of a ned User entering your store. ned isn’t for cleaning out your clearance items, it is for attracting high quality, long term customers.

ned is focused solely on increasing nedders. When ned launches we will be marketing on your behalf!

Contact ned to discuss your unique business objectives. We will help identify a suitable offer and set a reward target that best suites you and your goals.

Yes, ned will work for you if you have a pre-paid cellphone. It works the same way as a postpaid plan. You just need to provide your account number and you are good to go!

Virtually any type of business can be a nedPartner. These businesses want you as a customer and are willing to reward you for coming to their store. nedPartners are local business, national chains and more. Download the ned app to explore the possibilities in your neighbourhood!

The ned smartphone app will show you all the nedDeals in your area. You can use either a list view or a map view to see the nedDeals nearest to you.

No, you cannot convert your nedCredits to cash. Your credits will only apply against your cellphone bill.

Sharing nedCredits is easy. To share your nedCredits the person you are sending nedCredits to needs a ned account. Our easy to use app will let you share credits to them through the app.

ned works with any Canadian national cellphone carrier.

To start saving money on your cellphone bill with ned is simple. Just download our app, create an account using your cellphone number and your own password and you are set! To apply nedCredits to your cellphone plan you will need to provide your account number and postal code, but don’t worry if you do not have it handy. You can collect nedCredits without your cellphone account number!

nedCredits are collected when you visit a nedPartner business and interact with them. This could be attending an event, purchasing a product, talking to a salesrep or more. It is up to the nedPartner to determine how you are rewarded.

ned is free to use. Just download our app in the Apple or Google Play store to sign up and start collecting nedCredits.

ned is a revolutionary rewards program powered by a free to use smartphone app that allows you to collect nedCredits from nedPartners that help pay your cellphone bill. ned provides you credits for your digital life.

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